Monthly Archives: April 2009

PawPawMail — The Easiest Email for Seniors

Welcome to PawPawMail — Simple Email for Seniors. We’ve created what we think is the easiest possible way for Senior Citizens to access e-mail.

Without needing to know e-mail addresses, menus, links, or even how to click the back button on a browser, your elderly relative — or anyone new to computers — can use simple e-mail and view photos added by family members and friends. It’s a system managed by you (a younger relative, perhaps a remote caregiver), which allows the system to remain even simpler for the Senior user.

It’s all web-based, so there’s nothing to install, and you can be going in minutes. All the user needs is a computer with internet access — we’ll even show you how to set it up so that it starts directly into PawPawMail, and they never have to do anything but use the simplest e-mail available.

Thanks! Please don’t hesitate to check out the PawPawMail website: Easy Email for Seniors, Elderly Parents, learn how we got started, and see just how easy it is to use. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, and we always appreciate feedback about how to make PawPawMail even easier for the user and even more convenient for the caregiver. We’ll keep writing here about our experiences developing PawPawMail further.