Monthly Archives: May 2009

PawPawMail in the New York Times!!!

We’re featured in a great new article, just out today, in the New York Times’ “New Old Age” section, about e-mail for seniors:

What distinguishes PawPawMail from other programs is that it is a managed system aimed at caregivers as well as seniors. “PawPawMail is built entirely around the idea of two users,” Mr. Hughes said in a recent e-mail message. “The senior user who actually uses the e-mail account, and the caretaker/manager who helps set the senior up, gets his or her address book going, and screens mail from unknown sources to prevent contact from all the ridiculous number of scams that are directed at seniors.”

It goes on to talk about seniors’ e-mail experiences, generally, and the ability to preserve memories from older parents (and grandparents) when they’ve been recorded electronically.  Check it out!