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Way up yonder at the pawpaw fest

Ohio State Pawpaw Festival Logo

Ohio State Pawpaw Festival

PawPawMail at the Pawpaw Festival!

We’re going to the Ohio State Pawpaw Festival. What’s a pawpaw, you ask? See the pawpaw pictures at the pawpaw page at the pawpawfest website! Pawpaws are a wonderful, tropical-tasting, banana-custard-like fruit that looks a little bit like a papaya.

PawPawMail will be there, shamelessly exploiting its convenient name. We didn’t have the time this week to get together our perfect Pawpaw Recipe for that contest, but at least one member of the PawPawMail team will be participating in the Pawpaw Eating Competition (beware; he placed fourth out of six in one of hundreds of initial trial heats for the Krystal Square Off).

So if you’re within a couple hundred miles of Albany, OH this Saturday and Sunday, stop by our booth, check our how we provide the perfect e-mail to get your (grand)parents in touch with the family without too much fuss, and console our co-founder on his crushing defeat.