PawPawMail featured: “Helping Grandpa Get His Tech On”

New York Times article on personal technology for seniorsCheck out this article on communications technology for seniors (including phone, fax, and e-mail) in the New York Times last week!

It gives a great overview of technologies for helping seniors communicate — from the Jitterbug (the extraordinarily simply cell phone) to fax-based solutions for e-mail… to PawPawMail!

We’re thrilled to be written up (again! see an original profile of our story about senior e-mail in “Easier E-mail for the Older Generation”). But more importantly, we’re excited that the writer captured what we’re doing so well. It’s a better quick summary of PawPawMail than we’ve come up with ourselves:

“…For those who mainly use a computer for e-mail, PawPawMail ( takes the complexity out of the process. For $5 a month, users transmit and receive mail through PawPawMail’s Web site, which features simple graphics, large type and real names rather than potentially confusing e-mail addresses. The account manager, typically a younger family member, sets up the account, creating a list of approved e-mail senders; spammers and phishers cannot get through….”

So, check out one of the best senior technology overviews we’ve seen, and let us know what you think!


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