Daily Archives: November 10, 2009

New Feature – Senior Product Reviews

Walker BallJust through putting together PawPawMail, we come across a lot of products (and services) designed for seniors. Some are quite dull. But some are really thoughtful, amazing, unusual, inventive, or just fun. We’ll talk mainly about the latter category.

And since it’s not much fun to rant and rave among ourselves about large keyboards, touch screens, remote controls, and pour spouts for soda/pop/coke bottles, we thought it MIGHT be fun to jump on the internet bandwagon. Yes, we’re contributing to the weird inverted publishing world in which there seem to be more producers than consumers of content. But take the leap of faith, add us to your pile of blogs, and we promise not to tell you daily what we’ve had for breakfast.

We clearly won’t be doing this for every market segment within the senior population, and we’ll risk offending (e.g., “My mom is 102 and uses Microsoft Excel just fine, thank you very much!”). So from the outset we’d like to be clear about whom we’re targeting: older adults who are experiencing mild age-related issues with vision, hearing, coordination, or mobility, as well as those who are being suddenly exposed to new technology. So please don’t take offense if your favorite senior couldn’t possibly need something we mention (or if he deeply resents the term “senior”). We’re jumping into each product as it stands on its own, evaluating its solution to the problems it claims to address.

Thanks! And please, please suggest some of your favorite (or least-favorite) products for us to check out!