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Making an E-mail-Only Machine in Minutes

Creating an e-mail machine in minutes from an old PC

Creating an e-mail machine in minutes from an old PC

We just finished an overview of how to turn PawPawMail into the perfect e-mail appliance for seniors (or “email machine” as people like to call it).  It’s simpler than you’d think.  You create a shortcut to PawPawMail in Full-Screen (kiosk) mode, then toss that shortcut into your Startup folder. Go read our explanation!

Though it’s not widely regarded as a best practice just to turn a computer off and on, as long as a more experienced user makes sure updates are installed every once in a while, we’ve had really good experience with this.

And best of all, the seniors we’ve talked to about this setup love, L-O-V-E, LOVE it.  The main benefit is that it cuts the learning curve down to nearly nothing.  You don’t even have to figure out the difference between the filesystem and the internet!

And we think that this is the ideal system for seniors to use for staying in touch via e-mail.  Just grab an old junker computer from the attic or from your nephew’s basement, hook it up to the internet, and it takes on a new life as a simple e-mail appliance with a whole lot going on behind the scenes but a clean, simple interface.  And all you have to do is turn it on.

e-mail appliance alternatives

E-mail appliance alternatives

Just to be complete, though, we’ve also taken a brief walk through the alternatives.  PawPawMail can’t be perfect for everyone.  Some people want e-mail-specific hardware, and some people are just superstitious about computers from the get-go.   So for them, we’ve toured the various e-mail devices that we’ve seen seniors using. Let us know if there are any e-mail machines that we’re missing!

Go check out our instruction guide on creating an e-mail-only device now!