Dilbert Creator Writes (unwittingly) about PawPawMail!

PawPawMail - Main Page

PawPawMail - Main Page

Scott Adams wrote in his blog recently about his ideal computer system for senior citizens (“E-mail for Senior Citizens”, Dec 3, The Scott Adams Blog), which is an overlay for regular e-mail, showing only the basic functions while hiding the unnecessary complexity.

We like to think that his vision looked something like the screen you see here.

But regardless, check out this quote from the blog entry:

“All you would see is very large buttons labeled READ, WRITE, and OTHER. … there should never be any double-click situations. One click is enough …And seniors should only receive e-mail from people who are in their address books. No spam allowed…. Obviously someone would have to be available to do tech support, including entering new e-mail addresses in address books, and that sort of thing.”

It’s great to get some validation like this!  Even though he may have only been talking about PawPawMail in the abstract, we love that he so closely described our system.


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