Monthly Archives: August 2010

Special week for families of Centenarians

You can learn much more about this on the page describing it (our announcement of free e-mail this week for those over 100 years old), but here’s the upshot:

  • Sign up your over-100-year-old friend or relative for a free trial
  • Get him or her connected (demonstrate!)
  • Let us know he or she likes it — and we’ll upgrade the account!

It’s never too late to get your grandparents, great-grandparents, or great-great-grandparents connected with the family. We just hope this will show you that you might just be wrong if you think “she’s too old” or “he’s not interested”. Try it, get a few photos from the relatives, and see!


Coverage of Senior E-mail at Senior Communities

PawPawMail has released a new version of its e-mail product specifically designed for senior communities — assisted living, retirement villages, etc.

We’ll be letting you know much more about the new edition soon.  We’ve done a limited first release, but we’ll be available everywhere in November.  But for now, check out some local coverage about one ALF using PawPawMail — Redstone Village in Huntsville, AL:

Fox Affiliate (WZDX 54) Coverage:
ABC Affiliate (WAAY 31) Coverage:

Coverage of PawPawMail in Assisted Living

We got some great coverage of our easy e-mail product, as used in Assisted Living Facilities. We’ll tell you more in a bit, but for now, check out the coverage at